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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Zuri HNG?

No. Zuri is not HNG. Zuri and HNG had a collaborative agreement which ended in 2023. You can find HNG here

When will your internship open up?

We are working on making several internship roles available. You can register your interest, so we’ll inform you when those roles become available.

Will you have any internship training soon?

No, we believe an internship should be a paid employment, not a training. We have several trainings that places you in a virtual work environment.

Visit to explore.

I’ve gone through the training, how do I keep sharpening my skills?

We have a Continuous Development course that matches you to senior engineers and designers in the industry, gives you complex projects to work on alongside guidance from industry experts and is self-paced.

Visit for more information.

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No, we don't have any document to upload

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Note: If you have a Job requirement document to upload, that's alll we'll need from you at the moment... any further questions will be communicated when they arise. If you don't have a document to upload, you'll be provided fields of questions to answer... These questions will help us better understand your company and the kinds of Talent you're looking for.